Setting up a Business in Singapore

1. What do I need to incorporate a Singapore company?  

You need:
  • Either a local or foreign individual to register the company;
  • A minimum paid-up capital of $1, there is no requirement for authorised capital;
  • At least one director and one shareholder. At least one of your directors must be a Singapore resident, i.e. either a Singapore citizen or permanent resident or a foreigner who is either an Employment Pass  or a Dependant’s Pass holder;
  • A local registered address; and 
  • A local Company Secretary 
2. What documents do I need to provide to incorporate a Singapore company?
You must submit:
  • For Singapore resident shareholder or director: A copy of his or her Singapore Identity Card
  • For non-resident shareholder or director:  A copy of his or her passport, proof of residential address and foreign identity card
  • If your shareholder is a corporate entity:  A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation, the registered address and the directors of the parent company 
(All documentation must be in English. Non-English documents must be officially translated into English.)
3. As a foreigner holding a Singapore Employment Pass, can I register a company?
Yes, you can unless your contract with your current employer prohibits you from doing so. If you wish to be employed by your new company, you will have to apply for a new Employment Pass. Once this is approved, you will have to cancel your current pass.
4. As a foreigner based outside Singapore, can I relocate to set up and run my business from Singapore?
Yes, you can. You will have to incorporate a Singapore company and apply for either an EntrePass or Employment Pass. 
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